Traffic Management Safety Initiatives

Cone Laying Trucks

These specially designed vehicles can carry up to 400 traffic cones on the tray of the vehicle, which is surrounded by a 1 metre high guard rail. To prevent the operators from falling from the vehicle during operation, they wear belts and lanyards, which are secured to the truck via attachment points at the rear of the vehicle and a rail in the centre of the tray.

Cone Laying trucks can work in conjunction with a shadow vehicle or, ideally, a Truck Mounted Attenuator.

Truck Mounted Attenuators

Traffic Group Australia continuously invests in vehicles and equipment which help improve the safety of everyone working at road construction work sites – especially where fast moving traffic is involved

The use of Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) around high-speed lanes is a very effective way to protect the lives of road workers and motoristsTMAs are mounted to a shadow vehicle in order to protect the work crew in front of the vehicle and to protect any motorist who may accidentally drive into the work lane.  By absorbing the impact of high speed crashes, the use of these devices at worksites has saved the lives of numerous workers and motorists worldwide.

Minimising Traffic Controller exposure near high-speed lanes by laying cones from a vehicle not only increases safety, it also increases the potential for shorter set-up and take-down times on these jobs. This allows clients more time on the road to complete work.